Attractive adventures on the Soca river

The Soca river is well known for it’s mesmerizing color, but nowadays it’s even more popular due to the activities it supports. It became a popular destination for adventurers that seek some thrilling activities to fill their summer days with. And they are not disappointed – there are many options to choose from, especially among the thrilling adventures that will get your adrenaline pumping.

If you want to stick to the basics, choose rafting. The offer for this activity is concentrated in Bovec – white water rafting and other thrilling options are in high demand here, but you can find scenic tours just as easily. The river is dynamic and offers different experiences in different parts, while the town is situated in the river’s bend, so it’s always close to the best entry points. Bovec white water rafting is especially attractive, as it is something else – it can’t really be compared with most rafting tours, it’s much more thrilling and challenging, while still remaining safe and enjoyable. There are challenges, of course, but the tour will also include breath-taking views and the opportunities to admire the river itself. In Bovec, white water rafting is just one of the possibilities, check out the other tours as well!

While the Soca river is beautiful and attractive, there are also other waterways nearby that provide different opportunities, for example canyoning. Soca itself is too wide and deep for that, but some of the tributaries have really impressive canyons, perfect for challenging canyoning. Soca offers a beautiful setting and an attractive destination, while the canyons themselves present various obstacles and challenges that will require some courage and strength. Canyoning Soca is among the services of experienced tourist agencies in Bovec and other towns, so you can expect reliable and safe guidance.